Scientific Program

  2022  Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting Scientific Program
-Embracing Excellence and the Public-
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Day 1 Day 2 非醫師人員課程   TAMIO  International  Industry Forum
Saturday Oct. 22 2022
Time Room 701 EF Room 701 G Room 701 H
09:00-10:00 Wound Care Forum  Master Class 1   
How Fat Grafting Can Make Your Facelifts Better
Timothy Marten (USA)
10:00-11:00 Health Policy Session Master Class 2   
Facial Feminization Surgery: Technical Pearls and Pitfalls
Eduardo D. Rodriguez (USA)
11:00-11:30 Opening Ceremony
11:40-12:40 MOU Joint Session
Andrology and Sexual Medicine
MOU Joint Session
Breast Reconstruction of Breast Cancer
Industry Session 1
WOH Medical
12:40-13:40 Lunch Seminar 1
Lunch Seminar 2
WOH Medical
Lunch Seminar 3
13:40-14:40 Master Class 3 MOU Joint Session
Laser Rejuvenation
Industry Session 2
K2 International Medical Inc.
Minimal-incisional Ptosis Correction: How to Do and Reduce Complications
Tae Joo Ahn (Korea)
14:40-15:40 International Forum
Mammaplasty Forum
Complication Treatment
Industry Session 3
15:50-16:50   Video Demo 1
Advanced Rhinoplasty

Fat Grafting Forum

Industry Session 4
Rui Hung International Co., Ltd. 
How to Fix an Asian Humped Nose—With PMMA and Hybrid Cartilage
Jin-Liang Lee (Taiwan)
16:50-17:50   Video Demo 2   MOU Joint Session
Dermatology Forum
Industry Session 5
Belle Plus International Co., Ltd.
Surgical Options for Transfeminine
Kamol Pansritum (Thailand)
18:00-21:00 Gala Dinner

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