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Welcome to Taiwan, Taipei from The TSAPS President

President of TSAPS

Dear All Distinguished Colleagues and Friends,
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to 2022 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (TSAPS) , held from October 22 to 23 at the Taipei Nanggang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 in Taipei, Taiwan. It is one of most influential aesthetic meetings in the  world. 

I represent the president of both societies (TSAPS and Taiwan Aesthetic Medicine & Industry Organization (TAMIO)) to thank your long-term friendship and support. The topic of this annual meeting is [Embracing excellence and the public] which declares the concept to help others and ourselves simultaneously by the way of profession and passion. 

There are several unique features in this meeting: 
1, Large-scale meeting with academic meeting and trade show:
It satisfies all need in our field. Many associations/societies and MOU international societies co-organized the collaborative topics in specific topic sessions. Academic meeting with different specialties include plastic surgery, dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology…etc. 
2, Annual meeting holds the contents innovatively, combining in-person conferencing, live streaming and video platform no matter where you are, no matter what you want, no matter how bad you experienced in the other live webinar conference. Pay once, learn more! International participants can buy and watch pre-recorded videos in our video platform for at least one month, not just webinar.

3. Creative designs in peripheral facilities and services 

4, Full support of government resources 
We deeply care for our members, MOU partners, sponsors, and all friends. Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to achieving a greater and more brilliant future together.  
See you, my friends, at the 2022 TSAPS annual meeting.  
My personal regards to you and your family!


President of TSAPS and TAMIO
Feng-Chou Tsai,







Chairman of the 2022 TSAPS International Annual Meeting

Dear colleagues and experts :
It’s an exciting appointment between us. We are very pleased to welcome your participation in the 2022 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(TSAPS). In spite of the pandemic threat and disaster from COVID-19, we insist to hold this annual meeting in the continuing two years since 2021, combining with online, in reality and pre-corded video joining.
     The 2022 Annual Meeting of TSAPS will be grandly held at the Taipei Nanggang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 in Taipei, Taiwan on 22-23 Oct. It’s a majestic building with impressive facility located in Taipei City, the capital city of Taiwan.
     Different from the past meetings, we have invited many excellent speakers of not only plastic surgery but also other disciplines, ex. Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Gynecology, Breast surgery and Otorhinolaryngology. Each session will discuss and inter-share one major topic by presentations of speakers from diverse disciplines. It’s very creative for such arrangement. We hope every audience can learn much from different view points, and will acquire some unforgettable experiences. In addition to the topic-oriented lectures, we also endeavor to invite some masters to share with video demonstration or elaborative lecture. 
By the way, many medical suppliers, more than ordinary scales, will show up their products and services in the scene of this conference. You will find some novel medicine, tools, machines, implants or software, and etc. 
I will enthusiastically look forward your coming and enjoyment in this meeting. It is indeed worthy for your attendance.
Chairman of the 2022 TSAPS International Annual Meeting
Sung-Yuan Chang, MD




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