Welcome Message

Welcome to Taiwan, Taipei from The TSAPS President

President of TSAPS

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the 2020 International annual meeting of Taiwan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (TSAPS), with the theme” Integrated and Complementary Treatment,” which will be held during November 14-15, at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, Taiwan. This is currently the most significant and latest conference venue in Taiwan. 
Our annual meeting has been in the 26th year. Every year, we have the most advanced technology and academic issues, providing a platform for communication between the clinical, educational, and industrial communities.

This year, we have brought renowned speakers in Taiwan and outstanding experts worldwide, focusing on integrated and complementary treatment in plastic surgery.
Besides, aside from the two-day lectures with various topics for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, sessions specially designed for Medical Staff are also arranged for those interested in discussing and sharing their opinions on clinic management and marketing skills in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery industry.

Although COVID-19 pneumonia has ravaged the world for more than half a year, everyone is not having a good time during this period. Still, I believe that no matter how bad the situation is, we will never stop caring about others and seeking improvement. We always work hard on knowledge and surgical techniques to provide patients with better service. By the end of the year, I hope that the epidemic will slow down, and our friends from abroad can come to Taiwan to participate in our conference. If things go contrary to expectations, I hope you can guide us through video conferencing and won’t miss this grand event.
Please join us now! Your participation will certainly ensure our great success of the 2020 TSAPS International annual meeting.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Taipei!





Integrated and Complementary Treatment

Chairman of the 2020 TSAPS International Annual Meeting

Dear All Distinguished Colleagues and Friends,
    It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 2020 TSAPS International Annual Meeting, which is held from November 14 to 15 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, Taiwan. 

   A unexpected COVID-19 pandemic not only destroys our health system, but also  changes the schedule and future life style. It prohibits us from the traditional form of the meetings among the countries, however we have managed to overcome hardship as a stronger group by the marvel of advanced measures, facilities and internet platforms. Virus influences our life by the fear spread, but It cannot defeat our courage and determination. The academic term "plasticity" coined by our specialty also means that the plastic surgeons cooperate each other and adapt the bad environment by "integrated" methods. Therefore, the main topic of this year: Integrated and complementary Treatmentechoes this year's special situation.
   We reform and build our system to fit new challenges in this year including membership rules, online e-learning and administrative work, etc.  Different fields of specialists and staffs in the aesthetic field are also invited to join together for the same goal. The only way to succeed is to put aside the opposite position and operate "complementarily". The philosophy is similar with the essentials of a good society or achieving a better result in the treatment of patients. The 2020 annual meeting states that the operation and non-invasive methods can perfectly merges with no limits.   

   This year, I keep the wonderful part of last year meeting which our members and speakers favor especially academic activities, delicious "multinational" foods and Taiwanese hand-shake beverages.  All speakers will present specific talks under the main topic setting no matter basic and clinical research presentations, video demonstrations, management sessions, paramedical education sessions, as well as broad-range panel discussions. 
   Finally, a better way of thinking of the society concerns the term "ekinological" which means that we should respect our origin and the initial intention. We really care for our members, MOU staffs, company sponsors and all friends. Take good care of yourself !! Thanks for your kindly support and hope to accomplish a bigger picture in the future.  
See you, my friends in the 2020 TSAPS meeting. 

My personal regards to you and your family!